EILEEN DALY PRODUCTIONS Eileen Daly's Production Company


magazine TV shows

‘Daly Does Webcam Girl’ feat Princess Kaz B

‘Daly Does Porn’ feat Ben Dover

‘Daly Does Glamour Girl’ feat Tatiana Bliss (production in 2015)

‘Dogs’ Sanctuary by Takis’ documentary (production in 2015)


pilot TV shows

Daly Does The Dead ‘Exorcism’

Daly Does Ghosts ‘The Fox & Hounds’


pop promos

Eileen and Ben – ‘SHE’

Eileen and Ben – ‘LACE’

Eileen and Ben – ‘ANGEL’

Eileen and Ben – ‘Garden Of Love’

Eileen and Ben – ‘My Lovers Call’


feature films

Witches Can Be Bitches (pre-production 2015)

Mr Crispin

Hollywood Betrayed

First Bite Is The Deepest

‘She’s A Witch’ (production in 2015)

Felicity Blaze (pre-production 2015)

Demon App (pre-production 2015)

Vooddoo Dolls (pre-production 2015)

‘Blood Pact’ (pre-production 2016)